Delivering creativity to solutions.
To generate results.... making The difference.
Media Strategy

TangeerZ CONNECT, LLC believes that Perception is everything! We approach with a creative edge and strategize content delivery to take your Business, Brand, and Events to the next level by identifying the characteristics of various Target Markets and Integrated Marketing Communications such as Public Relations, Events, Advertisement, and Direct response Media, and Technology, etc.

Social Marketing

TangeerZ CONNECT, LLC strategically incorporates social media maintenance into your daily life! We develop and integrate Marketing concepts to virtually connect with your audience through the media platform of Social Media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and Blogging. We strategize Social Marketing and Maintenance, Website Integration, E-Marketing, and Mobile Integration. Social Media has effectively enabled marketing opportunities and revenue for yourself and/or business worldwide.



Digital Marketing

Digital Media is one of the largest tools to inform your audience and to generate notoriety, growth and revenue for your Business, Brand or Events. We provide a boutique of Web Designs, Graphics, Audio and Video options. In addition, we provide and outsource contract webmasters services to prevent your website from becoming a "Cyber Ghost" by providing Website Maintenance, Overhauls, and Tune-ups. A website is a direct representation of your brand.  

Support Coordination

TangeerZ CONNECT,LLC provides quality services through a staff of Premier Support Coordinators and Professionals through marketing expertise and design knowledge with a creative edge. We offer a boutique of customizable Marketing Packages to Make The Difference. We comprise,connect resources and coordinate organization to incorporate a customized system for yourself and/or business by delivering creativity to solutions, generate results, business growth and revenue.  

Branding & Identity

Represent yourself the BEST way you can! Ask yourself... What makes yourself and/or business UNIQUE? How do I stand out? TangeerZ CONNECT, LLC spearheads branding overhauls for our clients to increase Brand Appeal, Profitability and Marketable Identities to Make The Difference.  We distinguish and target various audiences to identify with your Brand by Integrating , Media Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Marketing, Support Coordination and Print Content to broadcast globally and to ensure your consumers that your Brand lives up to the standard.


Design and Print Content should be creative, unique and strategically communicated to your audience. Tangeerz CONNECT,LLC provides and connects our clients with a network of platforms for all Printing, Publishing, WordPress, Logos, Graphics, etc. needed to make the first impression a lasting one and build your audience. Print Content is one of the largest techniques to communicate your business's brand and services, generate results and maintain a rapport with you consumers. We aim to customize your print content and get a massive reach!