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We take creativity to the next level. 
We make you the best!


We are a premier partner readily available to take your business, branding and a boutique of services to the next level.


Ready to Diversify your Revenue?


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About Us.

The only way to predict the future is to create it!

Tangeerz Connect, LLC. is a premier partner who is highly skilled and readily available to take your business, branding, events, etc. to the next level. We provide a range of consulting, support coordination by connecting our custom concepts of creativity, and inventive outsourcing into action with a boutique of services in operations, media strategy, people culture, digital marketing, social marketing, print content, branding to make you the best.

We CONNECT The Dots...

Xandra Paving Company

What We Do.


Branding & Identity

Beauty Vlogger

Media Strategy

Fitness App

Digital & Social Marketing

Shake on It

Support Coordination

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