" When your work speaks for itself, dont interrupt."


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Hi, I'm Tanya Johnson

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"My passion for helping people and the Harmony given to each client that I serve is an inspiration to Make The Difference."

"My passion for helping people and the Harmony given to each client that I serve is an inspiration to Make The Difference."


Tangeerz is a childhood nickname given to me by my favorite Auntie who named me Tanya. I launched TangeerZ CONNECT, LLC because of my passion for helping others, attention to detail and the love for the Arts and Technology in which I call "TechArtolgy" allows me to have the creative edge to Make The Difference.


I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia and I have three beautiful children who is the center of my motivation to lead by example. My past experiences in several facets has given me the unique skill sets and qualities to provide service excellence to each of my clients. I currently hold licensures for a Licensed Master Cosmetologist and Licensed Funeral Director /Embalmer which has aided me in being a support service to Individuals throughout the Atlanta area. Being a Stylist/Salon Owner I have witnessed the transformation in the client's elevated self-esteem and confidence from providing them with pampering and innovative styling and in Funeral Service being the liaison to providing comfort, support, guidance, and that last memory that is everlasting of their loved one while servicing each family with dignity and respect. I never understood the correlation between the two careers until I realized that I was a confidant and the “Go to Person" to each of these group of individuals on two different journeys. This prompted me to go back to school to receive my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology to get a better insight as to human cognition and generally what makes people tick. I had the pleasure of working with two of the largest AIDS Service Organizations in the Southeast Region by providing quality Case Management services and Clinical Administrative Managerial support as well as building a rapport to such a diverse population in the Greater Atlanta area.


Well...never the less I have the creative edge to know what makes people tick and how others will respond to my creative approach! I provide professional Support Coordination in an array of creativity from Website Design and Maintenance, E-Marketing, Event Design and Planning, Branding,Social Marketing,  Styling, Funeral Service and Inventive Connection  Outsourcing comprised of passionate professionals. I believe that  the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary....I work hard  to Make The Difference and Success is what I aim for! Pivoting Complexity into Harmony by Making The Difference is our Motto....Perception is Everything!